Ortho Optix™ Reader

The Ortho Optix Reader works with Ortho® Workstation to create a complete immunohematology semi-automated testing platform for transfusion labs with low- to mid-volume throughput. 

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Experience the high-quality results of an automated solution

At the heart of our semi-automated portfolio is the Ortho Optix Reader, an advanced card/cassette reader for column agglutination technology (CAT) designed to automate reaction grading and elevate your lab’s performance to the highest level. 


Semi-automated systems are an ideal solution for labs of all sizes. For high-volume labs and healthcare networks, the Ortho Optix Reader can help back-up or scale-up operations without investing in an additional full-automation analyzer.

Consistent, confident results with Ortho® Workstation

Ortho Optix Reader works with Ortho Workstation, the only compact 2-in-1 blood testing system built around proven column agglutination technology. 

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Our reagents menu has the flexibility to meet your testing needs

Our broad immunohematology reagents menu enables you to drive efficiency across your lab operations.

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