Laboratory management

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Unlock your lab's full potential with our customized solutions. Using lean processes and methodology, our ValuMetrix team can help you optimize the efficiency and performance of the people, processes and products in your lab.

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Dial up your lab’s efficiency with a systematic approach

Your lab is a complex ecosystem, impacted by fluctuating testing volumes and other unexpected interruptions. Our ValuMetrix services experts help you stay in control so that your team and equipment work together in an efficient, frictionless way. 


With the proven and globally recognized techniques of Lean Six Sigma thinking, design and process excellence, we can evaluate and optimize your processes, helping you do more with less. Our teams have decades of experience in process excellence consulting across the industry.

Next-level partnership and solutions with our customer experience program

Our customer experience program is the evolution of how service, expertise, technology and data-driven solutions come together to create a more effective, efficient lab – so you can focus on improving patient outcomes.

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