Lab supplies

High-quality lab supplies are essential for maintaining the integrity of your samples and ensuring that tests are delivering accurate results. Rely on our lab supplies for your daily lab testing needs.

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Media and culture lab supplies

Our prepared media can be used in conjunction with our cell-based systems and are formulated to work well with many different assay formats. Media products include antibiotic solutions, prepared media, salt solutions and trypsin solutions.

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Controls and supplies

Liquid controls, additional swabs and transport swabs are available separately for use with kits where controls are not included or for laboratories that test at a higher frequency.

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Collection and transport lab supplies

The FLOQSwabs® and Universal Transport Medium® (UTM) systems optimize both the collection and transport of critical specimens. The flocked swab assures the highest quality specimen is obtained from the patient. The UTM transports it to the testing laboratory with minimal loss of viability, minimizing or eliminating costly inadequate samples and resulting recollections.

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