Immunoassay testing

Labs and testing centers count on our comprehensive donor testing menu and donor testing systems to ensure access to a safe supply of blood products, so patients can receive the lifesaving transfusions they need.

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Maintain a safe blood supply with Vitros® Systems

Labs and testing centers face a daunting number of challenges. Staff shortages. Increased volume. Greater productivity demands. With our family of integrated Vitros systems solutions, labs can achieve a quality, versatile, well-connected lab ecosystem that operates with the highest level of efficiency.


From immunoassay systems to integrated systems, predictive data and unparalleled service, we are committed to providing flexible and scalable solutions across a range of customer needs. Innovating tomorrow’s success for labs remains central to our promise. 

Perform a broad menu of tests with our Vitros® Immunoassay Systems

Labs and testing centers big and small face unique challenges to keep up with an ever-changing diagnostics environment. Our robust immunoassay solutions – Vitros 3600 and Vitros ECiQ – can help you maximize your lab’s efficiency and deliver results you can trust.

Find the system that works for your lab.

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Vitros® Integrated Systems can streamline your lab's donor screening process

Our integrated systems, the Vitros 5600 and Vitros XT 7600, help mid- to high-volume labs automate sample processing. Samples can be loaded and processed without manual intervention for immunoassay tests and without the need for additional consumables or hardware components.

Find the system that works for your lab.

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Achieve peak performance with Vitros® Automation Solutions

Your lab or testing center is on a constant mission to improve productivity, processes and results while reducing costs, planning for future growth and meeting patients’ needs.

In a constantly changing environment, flexibility is crucial, and automation can help you solve these challenges. Our open, scalable and flexible Vitros® Automation Solutions streamline your workflow and increase your productivity so you can focus on what matters most – improving patient care.

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Clinical lab management and workflow solutions to help you keep pace with demand

Our sophisticated data analytics and experienced consultants enable you to explore every available marginal gain and maximize your facility's performance. As your priorities change over time, we can help you adapt your capabilities to accommodate whatever the future brings.

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