QuidelOrtho Customer Service Experience

Our award-winning support program brings together service, expertise, technology and data-driven solutions. Creating a more effective, efficient lab gives you the freedom to focus on improving patient outcomes.

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The freedom to focus on patient care

Efficient workflows. Reliable, consistent results you can trust. Scalable solutions. We understand the challenges labs face today. Our customer relationships average 15+ years and are the heart of our mission to improve and save lives with diagnostics.

Imagine going from clutter to clarity, having seamless control of your lab

  • "I know what's happening, how it's happening and why."
  • "I know my instruments are running well."
  • "I know we're all working together and on the same page."


Intel: "I want to know what's happening, how it's happening and why"

Intel generates valuable data that streamlines and optimizes your day-to-day lab process. Gain clear insights and analysis where and when you need it.

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Life in the chemistry and immunology laboratory was hard and it became even harder during the pandemic. But with the excellent service provided by the Quidel Ortho team, we have a strong support system that ensures continuous and secure operation. To our Quidel Ortho family, we are truly delighted by the level of commitment and professionalism demonstrated by your team.

Bairuth Aileen Damasing, RMT
Chemistry Lead

Ops: "I want to know my analyzers are running well"

Ops enable your lab to work at next-level performance – with continual improvement. Integrated data can inform your lab, giving you the knowledge and control over how you plan your day. Operations can be monitored and optimized, reducing the risk of error or waste, and inventory management can be automated. It all adds up to more reliable, cost-effective and easy lab management.

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I have always believed in the quality of service that Quidel Ortho has provided through the years. Thank you for your continuous support through all our endeavors. It is a privilege to have been your partner through the years.

Giselle Bermejo, RMT
Chief Medical Technologist

Teams: "I want to know we're all working together"

Teams is how partnership creates progress. It’s our people working with yours to inform operations, streamline communications and leverage comprehensive data solutions so everyone will enjoy a sleeker, faster and more empowering work experience.

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On behalf of the Blood Bank staff, I would like to commend the whole team at Quidel Ortho for providing us with excellent customer service that will surely benefit our patients.

Daryll Solisa, RMT
Senior BB Staff


We have been recognized with the following innovation awards in recent years.

QuidelOrtho Ranked No. 1 in Customer Satisfaction for sixth year (ServiceTrak 2023)

Ortho Ranked No. 1 for fifth consecutive year (Service Trak 2022)

Bronze Sales and Customer Service Department of the Year (Stevie Awards)

Critical Infusion Award (Blood Centers of America)

Ortho Care® Lab Support Ranked No. 1 for sixth consecutive year (Service Trak 2021)

Outstanding Contribution to the Bio/Med Industry Award (MedTech)

Bronze Edison Award (Edison Awards)

Silver Award Innovative Laboratory Training Program (Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards)