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VITROS® COVID-19 Performance Dashboard

Keeping your lab one step ahead of the curve

Aug 29, 2020

The VITROS COVID-19 Performance Dashboard is a web-based system designed to provide productivity information regarding Ortho analyzers, including volumes, workload balance, HIT levels, and reagent efficiency for each site within your health system. The VITROS COVID-19 Performance Dashboard is located within the Ortho Plus environment and is an extension of Ortho’s e-Connectivity® Technology. e-Connectivity not only supports the delivery of timely and accurate results to patients and physicians, it also protects patient data.

Improve Lab Operations

With the ability to monitor antibody testing trends, you can adjust staffing and workflow according to your testing volumes.


Determine Testing Efficiency

Quantify the number of samples processed the first time--even when HIT (Hemolysis, Icterus, Turbidity) interference is present—giving you the ability to spot negative trends so you can take action.


Identify Antibody Positive Rates*

With the VITROS COVID-19 Performance Dashboardyou’ll have access to data that will give you and your lab a better understanding of the virus—including its impact on your lab and your hospital so you can adjust accordingly.


Capture Quality Insights

With signal to cut off values, you’ll see the separation between positive and negative results giving you confidence in your results.


Better Informed, Better Understanding, Better Performance

The VITROS COVID-19 Performance Dashboard - Assisting you on your quest to improve laboratory efficiency and decision support while providing the best care for your patients and staff.

Click here to download the VITROS COVID-19 Dashboard Infographic


VITROS COVID-19 Dashboard screen shot

*The test result information displayed is data from your institution analyzers within your laboratory and represents data fields collected through the E-Connectivity portal of your analyzer. Ortho makes no representation that this data reflects actual confirmed positive results for your laboratory tests and this data should be considered against required medical health professional reviews and laboratory processes for result interpretation for your laboratory.

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