Cell culture

We are the largest manufacturer of cell culture products for clinical virology applications. Conventional and proprietary cell line products are offered under the Diagnostic Hybrids (DHI) brands for use in viral and chlamydial isolation, amplification and identification. Our cell lines include FreshCells, MixedCells, ReadyCells® and ELVIS®.

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Quick and reliable results with FreshCells

Conventional, single monolayer cell lines for diagnosing and detecting viruses and chlamydia that cause illnesses in humans. Available in multiple formats for maximum flexibility.

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Rapid detection with Mixed FreshCells

Innovative and patented products that detect a larger number of viruses in a single container. Designed for broad virus detection and rapid turnaround time, these cultures provide a more cost-effective option than any other cell-based system.

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Fast HSV testing with ELVIS®

Our proprietary ELVIS HSV cells are engineered for rapid overnight detection of infectious herpes simple virus without a loss of sensitivity. The ELVIS test system provides a 17-hour turnaround time for reporting both positive and negative results in cell culture – 7 to 10 days faster than conventional methods.

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Cells on demand with ReadyCells®

ReadyCells are a frozen, ready-to-use, version of our rapid culture systems with a proprietary medium in shell vials. A unique, custom heat block is provided for a quick 4-minute thaw of up to 12 vials at a time under controlled conditions.

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