Immunohematology testing solutions

Labs and testing centers of all sizes face the challenges of a changing diagnostics environment. Yet the right solution for every lab is not the same. Let’s find the right solution for your needs.

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Immunohematology testing solutions

The Ortho Vision® Swift Analyzer provides labs with an integrated solution for all blood donor typing. Our comprehensive menu uses column agglutination technology (CAT) so you can produce consistently accurate results. 

Automated testing solutions

When efficiency, standardization and accuracy are critical to your lab’s operations, an automated testing platform that delivers full menu automation in real lab conditions can be the right solution. Tests performed manually add labor costs and the risk of human error. With automation, you can be fully confident in results and focus your technicians on high-value tasks.

At the center of our automated solution is the Ortho Vision®  Swift Platform,an award-winning, industry-leading, pretransfusion testing system that automates over 99% of your blood bank’s workload without compromising turnaround time.

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Semi-automated testing solutions can help you improve patient care

Semi-automated solutions enhance your ability to provide high-quality results with the safety and efficiency expected of full automation. Our comprehensive menu and scalable solutions help reduce manual tasks so your staff can focus on improved patient care.

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Lab management tools to standardize your operations

Our lab workflow management software allows you to integrate up to 24 instruments through a single laboratory information system connection.

Ortho Connect®  Software helps you control data and metrics, optimize resources and elevate patient care within your lab and across your network - all from a single connection. Take productivity to the next level with a central solution for result management, QC tracking, process standardization and a plan for consolidating and integrating new labs, all while enhancing data security and storage.

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Immunohematology testing solutions

Donor testing brochure

  • Panel A, B (11)
  • Panel C, enzyme-treated (22)
  • Selected cells

  • Pooled cells
  • 2 cell
  • 3 cell

  • D(IAT), DVI
  • Fya/Fyb
  • Jka/Jkb
  • Lea/Leb
  • M, N, S, s, P1
  • Rh phenotype/C, c, E, e
  • Kell

  • Donor Sample Type
  • Whole Blood
  • Plasma

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