Vitros® Automation Solutions

The pressures you face every day to keep up with workflow demands are greater than ever. Our Vitros Automation Solutions can help alleviate those pressures. From a combination of modules you need most to full automation, implementing automation can free up your staff to focus on the delivery of quality results while lowering operational costs for your lab.

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Meet the demands of today and adapt for the future

Effective lab management is all about continuous quality improvement – of your staff, your processes and your results – while reducing costs, equipping your lab for future growth and meeting patients’ needs.

Automation can help.

Versatile, effective and reliable Vitros Automation Solutions combined with Vitros chemistry and immunoassay systems deliver high-quality results, faster than Vitros systems alone. Your clinicians will notice the difference.

By choosing Vitros Automation Solutions, labs will work with QuidelOrtho experts to build and implement a uniquely custom automation solution that is scalable, flexible, open, traceable and smart.

The presence of the automation line enables us to maintain productivity, maintain and improve efficiencies in an environment where laboratories are struggling with unprecedented employee vacancy rates.

Pam Perone
Manager, Laboratory Services
Genesis HealthCare System 


Choose the modules you need

Vitros Automation Solutions offer a variety of testing modules, so you can choose the components that best fit your lab’s unique workflow.

Vitros® Automation Solutions video

Watch the video below to learn how our flexible automation solutions can help streamline your lab operations.

Vitros® Duo/Duo+

Volume demands are rarely predictable. So, we’ll help your lab find the automation solution for your unique workflow needs and testing demands. From entry level automation to comprehensive total lab automation, we’ve got you covered as your needs change.

Learn more about our easy-to-implement Vitros® Duo and Duo+ automation solutions.

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Vitros® Systems

Vitros systems are designed with reliability and quality from start to finish. Power up your lab to be as efficient as possible with our systems’ built-in intelligence that’s designed to make it easier for you to focus on doing more with less.

96.5% of tests on Vitros systems complete the analytical process the first time without intervention or repeat testing. 

*Information based on QuidelOrtho on-site study results; data on file.

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