POC immunoassay testing

The right call at the right time

QuidelOrtho’s point-of-care (POC) immunoassay portfolio provides doctors and their staff the reliable data and real-time insight to more confidently assess, respond and treat patients in the moment and protect their communities for the long haul.

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Featured technologies 

Fluorescent immunoassays offer easy-to-use reagents, streamlined assay workflows and enhanced clinical performances for point-of-care testing.  

Also referred to as rapid visual tests or immunochromatographic assays, these rapid lateral flow tests can quickly diagnose a wide variety of medical conditions.  

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) can quickly and accurately detect and quantify various biochemical analytes and are used to diagnose diseases, monitor treatment and also conduct research.  

Point-of-care immunoassay portfolio

QuickVue® Rapid Lateral-Flow Tests

Sofia® Platform