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Bringing precision and passion in everything we do

QuidelOrtho stands at the forefront of testing, tracking, and disease analysis of health conditions ranging from HIV and hepatitis C to flu, strep and COVID-19. For decades, our precision and accuracy have guided clinicians and lab technicians in the moments that matter most.

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Continuing our legacy in diagnostics

By uniting the power of Quidel Corporation and Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, QuidelOrtho serves the entire healthcare continuum: from high-volume, high-complexity hospitals and labs to point-of-care, retail and over-the-counter markets. This enables us to continue our legacy of diagnostics in an ever-changing environment where we're passionately pursuing the unknown to advance diagnostic science and care. 

Advancing diagnostics to power a healthier future

We envision a world where individuals, families and communities have the insight and clarity to spot trends sooner, respond quicker and confidently chart their course to better health. Learn more about QuidelOrtho.

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A history of firsts

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