Semi-automated immunohematology testing solutions

The diagnostics environment is constantly changing. Labs of all sizes need to adapt to this challenge, but the solution is not the same for every lab. Discover how a semi-automated solution can help your lab reach its efficiency goals today and in the future.

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Do more with less using scalable, semi-automated solutions

Whether your lab is still preparing to fully automate or your automated lab needs a back-up solution to help manage workload, a semi-automated solution can enhance your ability to provide high-quality results – all with the safety and efficiency expected of full automation. 


Our semi-automated portfolio delivers high-quality and consistent results by using the same interpretation system and camera image sensor as our Ortho Vision® Swift Platform. 1The combination of our comprehensive menu and scalable solutions help you reduce manual tasks so your staff can focus on improved patient care.


1Casina T, Roughsedge B, Wilson-Colley A, Dermody K, Parente R. A semiautomated reader solution designed to deliver equivalence in results. Presentation at: 2021 AABB Virtual Annual Meeting, October 2021.

Rely on high-quality results with Ortho Optix™ Reader

Our advanced card reader is designed to automate reaction grading and elevate your lab's performance to the highest level. 

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Deliver a high level of accuracy with Ortho® Workstation

When paired with the Ortho Optix™ Reader, the Ortho Workstation delivers a complete semi-automated testing platform, with combined incubation and centrifugation to provide an even smaller footprint for your lab.

Ortho Workstation has achieved Standards Compliant status based on an evaluation by AABB. 

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Maximize immunohematology testing with Ortho BioVue® System

A safe, fast reliable pretransfusion testing solution featuring unique column agglutination technology based on glass beads for both routine and specialized testing.